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My writings from the animation apa, Apatoons.

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Apatoons is an animation apa. Apa's are "amateur press associations"; a gathering of self published zines from a variety of individuals on a single topic collated by an editor. The zines feature information on the topic, as well as comments on other members' writings. Apatoons began in the 1970s and has continued for decades. I joined it back in the early 1980s, but left by the end of the decade. I re-joined in 2004. However, the tone of the apa had changed a great deal and it was no longer a fun publication. So I left again. Generally, the material in apas is restricted to members of the group. However, a number of folks have expressed interest in my material that was published there. I am running my portions here for a wider audience.

February 2005
Includes comments on upcoming animated features and a preview of The Animated Movie Guide.

December 2004
Includes comments on aging animation critics; false commentaries on dvds; how writing styles transfer to film; and lack of vision by animation creators.

October 2004
Includes comments on negative writing about animation; Father of the Pride; DVD awards; and studio sabotage.

August 2004
Includes comments on important films versus fun films; Michael Eisner; Why we work in animation; Animation folks being quickly forgotten; Fads are not always what they seem; AnimeExpo vs Anthrocon; and unmade Disney films.

June 2004
Includes comments on what to call 2d & 3d animation; Marketing films; Reviewers and kids films; Scooby Doo; Simpsons voice walkout; Changing animated characters; Peter Ustinov; Story versus art; and the start of the animation boom.

March 2004
Includes comments on the Animated Feature Oscar; closing Disney's Florida studio; Kimba & the BBC; Eisner and Disney; Pixar; Forgotten Fox TV animated series; False credits; and Good producers.

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