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Get Animated!
Perhaps the first animation magazine dedicated to current animation. Issues included inside news of the industry, reports from around the world, reviews, announcements of video releases, articles and columns. Contributors included Jerry Beck, Jim Korkis, Will Finn, Osamu Tezuka, Frank Baker, Mattias Gordon, Fred Patten, David Jefferson, Alfonso Moline, Timothy Fay, and Robert Carspecken. Covers were created by animation talents like Skip Jones, Scott Shaw!, Shawn Keller and Brett Koth. Articles included discussions on He-Man & The Masters of the Universe, Cosgrove-Hall, Muppet Babies, Saturday Morning 1985, Mighty Orbots, and Siriol's Super Ted.

Get Animated!
1986 International Studio Directory

This was the first comprehensive listing of animation studios from around the world. The publication listed over 500 studios, publication and organizations.

Get Animated! Update
A monthly newsmagazine dedicated just to animation news from around the world.

Published periodically was a series of feature film info sheets called "Animafile". These sheets included background information on the production and complete film credits. Films covered were AN AMERICAN TAIL, ANIMATION CELEBRATION, and FOOTROT FLATS: THE DOG'S TALE

The Get Animated!
1987/88 Animation Video Directory

This special publication was a compilation of video titles available on Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc and CED disc. It featured over 80 pages of video listings (over 700 titles) and companies releasing home video at the time.

Get Animated! Animation Datebook
A news publication that was small in size, but big on information. It contained upcoming events in home video, theatrical release, TV, books, festivals, conferences and more. The publication also featured a calendar for easy reference of the month's events.

Get Animated! Review
Test issue of a publication dedicated only to reviews. Reviews included theatrical features and shorts, TV specials, cable series, home video, books, magazines, audio and other items of animated interest. Contributors included Frank Baker, Jerry Beck, Jim Korkis and Fred Patten.

Get Animated! 1992 Promo Calender
This promotional calendar featured full page ads from animated features. It also contained hundreds of key animation dates ranging from brithday of talents, to release dates of features and debut dates of TV programs.

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