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"Amos and Andy" - Private Screenings (#1; April-May 1975) Discussion of the controversial TV series. (as Martin Johnson)

"Animation Enters the Gaming Arena" - Exposure Sheet (Summer 1983) Discusses the break-through animated videogame DRAGON'S LAIR.

"The Ant Bully: Two Texans Take on the Studio Bullies" - Animation World Network (July 28, 2006) Interview one of the producers on the cgi feature made in their Texas studio.

"Atlantic Releasing" - Get Animated! (#3; June 1985) An interview with Executive Producer Kathryn Gafan and plans to build an animated feature division.

"Bears and Us, The" - Disney Newsreel (August 10, 1979) Discusses the various bears, animated or live action, found in Disney films and TV shows.

"Bugs Bunny" - Cartoonist Profiles (#86; June 1990) Discusses how the revamped Bugs Bunny comic strip came to be under the direction of Darrel Van Citters.

"Bugs Revamped in Birthday Year" - Editor & Publisher (February 24, 1990) Announces the new direction of the Bugs Bunny comic strip in time for Bugs' 50th anniversary.

"Cartoon Carnival" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 9 [actually 10]; November 1981) Review of the video collection from Hollywood Home Theatre.

"Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 9 [actually 10]; November 1981) Review of the book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

"Disney Foxes, The" - Disney Newsreel (May 11, 1979) Looks at all the foxes found in Disney films - live action and animated.
** Reprinted in Disney News (Winter 1979)

"Disney Foxes, The" - Persistence of Vision (#1; July 1992) Greatly expanded version of the article first printed in 1979.

"Disney Out-Foxed" - American Classic Screen (Volume 3, Number 6; July/August 1979) Complete history of REYNARD THE FOX, a Disney animated feature worked on for over 20 years but never completed. (Heavily used in The Encyclopedia of Disney Characters.)

"Disney's Gremlins" - American Classic Screen (Volume 4, Number 3; Spring 1980) Extensive look at Disney's never completed feature based on the World War II fantasy book by Roald Dahl.

"Exploit Advantages to Sell Animation Videos" - Comics Business (#4; October 1987) Suggests comic stores get into the business of selling animated videos.

"The Fall Season" - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 9; October 1981) Overview of the 1981 Saturday Morning season including THE KWICKY KOALA SHOW, BLACKSTAR, LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY and TROLLKINS.

"The First (and Last) Animalympics" - Animania (#23; March 1982) History of the animated prime time specials by Steven Lisberger that dissappeared when the U.S. boycotted the 1980 Olympics over Russia's invasion of Afghanistan.

"Flip the Frog" - Private Screenings (#1; April-May 1975) An overview of Ub Iwerks first cartoon series. (as Tom Hood)

"Fox and the Hound, The" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 8; September 1981) Review of the recent Disney feature release.

"Get Animated: Views from the Productive Side of Animation" - Inbetweener (1995-1996) Wrote a regular column on the business side of animation.

"Gorillaz: King of Virtual Jungle" - Animation World Network (August 18, 2005) A look at the musical group that only exists in animation.

"Hanna & Barbera Celebrate Golden Anniversary" - Animation News (#2; March/April 1987) Discusses Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera's 50 years of teamwork.

"Hans Bacher: From West Germany with Art" - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 9 [actually 10]; November 1981) Discussion with Bacher about his work, studio and teaching in Germany. (Bacher would eventually end up at Disney in the 1990s.)

"Heavy Metal" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 9; October 1981) Review of the feature film.

"Hound Called Huckleberry, A" - Fanfare (#4; Summer 1981) Discusses the origin of Huckleberry Hound and the Hanna-Barbera studio.

"How to Draw: Tips from the Top Cartoonists" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 4, Number 4; August 1982) Review of the book by Don "Arr" Christensen.

"In a Flash: Animation Production in Flash Growing" - Animation World Network (October 31, 2006) Talks about the growing number of shows being done in Flash, and how thei production needs differ with those of hand animation.

"Inside Disney 8mm" - Private Screenings (#1; April-May 1975) Look at the policies and product of Disney's 8mm home movie division.

"An Intern�s Story: What I Wish They Taught in School" - Animation World Network (September 09, 2005) Talk with a student about interning at Cartoon Network Studio.

"Joe Besser: Not So Fast... But Funny" - Remember When (#19; 1975) An overview of Joe Besser's career in films and TV. (as Laurence Adee)

"Kook's Tour" - Private Screenings (#5; June 1976) The history behind the Stooges' last film and its release on Super 8.

"The Man with Two Heads - er, Shows" - Animation World Network (November 10, 2006) A discussion with Bob Boyle about having two shows on two networks at once - WOW WOW WUBBZY on Nick and YIN YANG YO on Disney Channel.

"Main Stream Saturday Morning" - Animation World Network (October 25, 2006) Looks at how the broadcast networks are handling Saturday morning in the midst of so many cable choices for kids.

"New Animation Boom Based on Heavy Advertising" - Comics Business (#1; July 1987) Discusses increasing amount of cross promotion to sell animated features.

"The Nine Lives of Scooby-Doo" - Animation World Network (December 20, 2006) Discusses the creation and longevity of Scooby-Doo.

"Once Upon A Mouse" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 8; September 1981) Review of the recent Disney short, a tribute to Mickey Mouse.

"Origin of a Studio, The" - Exposure Sheet (Spring 1984) How the Don Bluth studio sprung from a spare time project and eventual animated TV special, BANJO THE WOODPILE CAT.

"Pink Panther Returns in Animation & Live-Action" - Animation World Network (February 10, 2006) Interview with Bob Kurtz on animating the titles for the new Pink Panther feature starring Steve Martin.

"Pink + Panther = Phenomenon" - Animation World Network (April 08, 2004) Interview with David DePatie, who with Friz Freleng created the Pink Panther character and built a new theatrical shorts studio after other studios had shut theirs.

"Saturday Morning - 1985" - Get Animated! (#6; January 1986) Overview of such series as EWOKS, PUNKY BREWSTER, GUMMI BEARS, WUZZLES, THE BERENSTAIN BEARS and others.

"Saturday Morning Network Animation Faces Shakey Future" - Comics Business (#2; August 1987) Discusses the three networks possible plans to reduce amount of animation on Saturday morning.

"Secret of NIMH, The" (Review) - Graffiti (Volume 4, Number 4; August 1982) Review of the animated feature.

"Selling Cartoons for Home Viewing" - Comics Business (#3; September 1987) Discusses the rapid rise in sales of animation on home video.

"Sheet Music" - Private Screenings (#3; October 1975) A look at collecting sheet music from films and TV. (as Laurence Adee)

"Six of One... The Animated Feature Boom of 1982" - Graffiti (Volume 4, Number 1; February 1982) Overview of the features announced for 1982 including SECRET OF NIMH, TWICE UPON A TIME, and THE LAST UNICORN.

"Smith and Disney" - Private Screenings (#1; April-May 1975) An interview with the Disney Studio's first archivist.

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed - Jim Henson's Muppet Babies" - Get Animated! (#4; September 1985) Discusses the creation and production of the hit Saturday morning series.

"Steven Spielberg: Producing Animation for a New Audience" - Animation News (#1; January/February 1987) Spielberg discusses his foray into animation including AN AMERICAN TAIL, FAMILY DOG and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

"Thunderbird" - Private Screenings (#3; October 1975) Discussion of the history and product of Thunderbird Films with it's creator, Tom Dunnahoo.

"Very Special Effects" - Disney Newsreel (March 30, 1979) Discusses Disney's use of special effects, including the mixing the live action with animation.

"Walter Lantz... Still on the Move" - Graffiti (Volume 3, Number 9 [actually 10]; November 1981) Overview of Lantz's animation career and his (then) current emphasis on paintings.

"When in England" - Disney Newsreel (July 13, 1979) Discusses Disney's features filmed in England, including plans to put animated sequences in some.

"Will Vinton's Claymation Achieves 'Commercial' Success" - Animation News (#1; January/February 1987) A look at the evolution of the Will Vinton studio from shorts, to commercials to feature films.

"World of Animation - 1981" - American Classic Screen (Volume 5, Number 2; 1980) A preview of animated features to be released in 1981 including THE FOX AND THE HOUND, AMERICAN POP and THE PLAGUE DOGS.

"World of Animation - The Next SNOW WHITE" - American Classic Screen (Volume 5, Number 4; 1980) Discussion of proposed features for the 1980s including DRATS (aka ROCK AND RULE) HEIDI'S SONG, THE LAST UNICORN and many never completed such as MUSICANA (Disney), CRIME (Bakshi), and NESSIE COME HOME (Hanna-Barbera).

"Year in Animation, The" - 20th Annie Awards Program Book (1992) Key events in animation from August 1991 through July 1992.

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