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The links below are to sites that I frequent and/or recommend for information or entertainment.

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My Wife & Kids - Rachel maintains one of the best sites around. She updates 6 Star Danes almost daily with new photos of our kids, logos, web art, and lots of information on Great Danes.

Great Danes in Movies and TV Shows - Hollywood Danes is Rachel's site that has info on Great Danes that have appeared in films, TV shows, commercials and more. From silent movies to today's blockbusters you can find Great Danes with the likes of Jerry Lewis, Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, and more.

Mascot Performing Pal - Another great independent mascot performer can be found at The Mascot Organization. Matt has an amazing line of suits from a robotic dog to a dead-on tiger to some great bears. He's been doing freelance mascot work for years. If you need someoneon the East Coast, or anywhere, in fact, he is worth the call.

more to come...

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