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Published in 1992, FASTER! CHEAPER! features Floyd Norman's wacky look at the business through a collection of never-before-published editorial-style cartoons from the Sixties through the Nineties. Floyd would draw and post these around the studio. These have previously only been seen by the privileged few who could work with him.

From Walt Disney firing the staff of THE JUNGLE BOOK to Hanna-Barbera sending animation overseas, to Don Bluth's new studio, to a self made millionaire's attempt to open his own studio, to the Michael Eisner reign at Disney and the studio's rapid financial ups and downs, now everyone interested in animation can share the laughs.

FLOYD NORMAN is an award winning film maker. His career began with work on the Disney classics SLEEPING BEAUTY and THE JUNGLE BOOK, and continued on to such modern Pixar classics as TOY STORY II and MONSTER'S INC. Floyd was also a key writer of Disney comics, including the Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip.

Floyd also put his skills to work at Hanna-Barbera, Tom Carter, Film Roman and other studios. In 2007 Floyd was named a Disney Legend.

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