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Frames of Time...

022_04 - An artistic statement?
I have seen animation cels for years. I have seen them for sale as prized collectables at conventions since the 1960s. I have seen them hanging prestigiously in hallways at studios like Disney and Hanna-Barbera. I have seen them at fashionable auctions. I have seen them on the walls at homes of friends and co-workers. I have seen them chip and fall away to a pile of paint specs on the floor and an old piece of celluloid in the hand. I have seen them at animation art galleries. I have seen them for sale at Toys 'R' Us. I have seen them dumped in boxes at garage sales. I have even seen them being painted.

When I visited the Turner Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, I got to see them in the men's room.

Yes, the men's room.

The Turner Studio in Atlanta has their various channels divided by floors. One floor is dedicated to the Turner Classic Movie Channel. That floor has antique movie theatre seats, classic poster reproductions and murals showing classic scenes. There is the floor for TNT. It showcases their special made-for-TV programming and movies with photos, props and such.

The Cartoon Network floor features a colorful seating area to watch the channel. The walls feature murals that resemble backgrounds from The Flintstones or Courage. Other walls feature limited edition cels. It is all very animated, and fun to see.

But I must admit to being taken aback when I went to use the restroom and found even more animation art! Hanging around the urinals and paper towel dispensers were limited edition cels, design art and who knows. (I didn't visit every bathroom on the floor.)

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