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Frames of Time...
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Angry Beavers in Production
Animating in Korea
Animation Art in Restrooms
Anime's Early Days
Bill Scott, of Jay Ward & Bullwinkle Fame
Bob Clampett, animation director
Caricatures in Cartoons
Disney's Historic Backlot Down the Hole
Don Bluth: My First Meeting
Don Bluth and Dragon's Lair
Don Bluth & 3-D Models in Animation
Chuck Jones, noted director
Cro, the animated series
Floyd Norman, famed animation artist, writer
Garfield And Friends & Me
Garfield & Friends Directors
Glen Keane, The Fox and The Hound
Grim Natwick Autograph, Memories
Hans Bacher, animation artist
Having Fun Working in Animation
How to Create Animation
June Foray, famed voice artist
Marvel Films Animation 1993
Nicktoons Studio Miniature Golf
Osamu Tezuka
Pete Alvarado: A Remembrance
The Pink Panther
Pokemon Comes to America
Scott Shaw! Comics & Animation
Spider-Man and Bob Richardson
Studio Ghibli & Miyazaki
Teaching Animation Seminars
Un-Made Garfield Movies
VIZ: An Origin
Walter Lantz, creator of Woody Woodpecker

Celebrities in General
Flash Gordon & Buster Crabbe
Ray Bradbury
Three Stooges: Christmas with Joe Besser
Three Stooges: Knowing Joe Besser
Three Stooges: Knowing Larry Fine
Three Stooges: Moe Howard & Larry Fine

Barnaby Bear
Building Your Own Mascot Suit
Felix the Cat
Tony the Tiger & Mascot Abuse

Becoming a Book Author
Costume Character Dangers
Developing Tarzan for Animation
Writing for Bugs Bunny

Answering Mickey Mouse's Fan Mail
Being a Jungle Cruiser at Disneyland
Disneyland Character: My Beginnings
Disneyland Characters Go Wild!
Dumbo vs Eeyore: Elections at Disneyland
Folks Fired at Disneyland
Robin Hood costume

An Appaloosa Named Diamond
Baron's Comical Adventures
Bell Bottom Cat
Cats watching TV
Danes in Las Vegas
Dean, of Jan & Dean, and Danes
Dog Days at Disneyland
Dog Shows
Losing Roku
Love at First Sight - Rachel & I meet
My Lucky Star
The Old Toll Pack - Coyotes at home
Rachel's Scooby Doo Collection
Remembering Baron, our "baby"
Remembering Nikoma, our Akita
Ren Faires & Our Dane Kids
San Diego's Dog Beach
Scooby Christmas
Zoniecon and Danes

Appearing on The Dating Game
The Arctic Fox Auto
Beanie Babies Business
Being A Cheerleader
Being a High School DJ
Boy Scouting
Bruce Hamilton & The $1000 Comic
Changes in People
Commuting by Train
DC Comics Fan Card
First San Diego Comic Con
Forgotten Hawaiian Amusement Park
Greg & Jeff Lenburg Filmmakers
Harrison Fisk
Home Office
Horses I Have Known
Man from U.N.C.L.E. member
Mickey Moo Mix-up
Modern Ghost Towns
Motion Picture Hall of Fame
Planet of the Apes: On the Set
President Nixon & I
Seeing UFOs
Selling Memories
Visiting the Foxes of Hokkaido

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