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Frames of Time...

086_04 - Changes of Time
No, it is not the three stooges. However, the fellow in the "Benny Hill pose" at the left is me. The other two are friends. I have known one for over 25 years, the other over a decade. *whew* This photo was taken in the early 90s at Great America, near San Francisco.

When I refound this photo it made me think of the changes that happen as the years go by. At one time all three of us enjoyed goofing around at just about any fan convention, from comic to furry to sci-fi. We also, obviously, goofed around at amusement parks. However these days, only I tend to goof around at conventions and amusement parks. The other two have found their interests diverted to other things ranging from computer games to muscle cars. As I said, changes happen.

What has struck me odd, is that I seem not to be changing. Since the 1960s I continue to enjoy James Bond, Charlie Chan, Abbott & Costello, the Three Stooges, musicals, and silver age DC comics. Since the 1970s I continue to enjoy conventions, trade shows, dressing in costumes (mascot and fursuit), strolling in Disneyland, travelling the country, animation, silent movies, long drives and old time radio shows. During the 1980s I continued to add to my enjoyments like KROQ music. During the 1990s I added playing Pokemon cards.

However, unlike so many folks around me, I have not dropped my other interests for the new ones. Seems so many of the people I associate with go from one interest to another to another, mostly or even totally abandoning the old ones. Some are even trying to hide previous interests in the fear of appearing too 'foolish' or 'non-mainstream'.

When I was going through school, I often found myself hanging with older folks. I found kids my age too un-focused. I wanted to hang with folks who wanted to have real fun, not hang around trying to look cool. Oddly, as I increase in age, I find myself hanging more with the younger crowd. I like their music, their attitudes, and even some of their activities. Too many of my associates have gotten into the 'kids are too wild' stage. The same ones who hung with me at amusement parks, now think they are too cool to visit such childish venues.

I guess the reason I seem to not be changing as much is because I still think having fun is more important than being cool.

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