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Frames of Time...

090_04 - Unidentified Flying Objects.
I have seen at least two unidentified flying objects in my life. This photo is not one of them.

My actual sightings occured within the last decade. One occured while driving home. I was going up over the 405 into 'the valley' and sighted what appeared to be an orange light. It moved horizontal across the sky, then stopped. It then wavered and moved up. I looked quickly at the car in front of me, which was stopping and put on my brakes. When I looked up, the orange light was gone.

Another sighting occured one night in the mountains. It was a somewhat similar experience. A strange light, moving unlike a plane or helicopter that simply disappeared.

This photo was a surprise. It comes from the late 1960s. My parents and I were visiting a mountainous area. I believe it was on a camping trip through Colorado area which ended up at the Grand Canyon. I took a photo of the mountain scenery. When I got the photo back, there was the ufo! Though the scan is a bit fuzzy, the photo is still quite clear. The trees and mountain are in good focus, showing that it is not the camera that was moving. I had one of those old Kodak instamatics, so I know the aperature was not open long. So whatever was moving was moving very fast to move so much in the time allowed.

Since my youngest days I have loved the idea of ufos. In fact while in elementary school I thought about becoming the worlds first "ufo-ologist" with plans to major in physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology. *whew*. I ended up with a journalism degree.

Do ufos exist? I don't know. I know I have seen, and even photographed, flying objects that I cannot identify. Like most who do believe in them, I guess I hope they do because it would prove that their is life beyond this planet... and that it might be better.

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