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053_04 - A Scooby Christmas
I know Christmas is in December, and the phrase Christmas in July, but living in the mountains sometimes things get a bit blurred.

We've just seen the end of another winter storm that left several inches of snow giving the entire mountain a holiday feel. In keeping with the outside view, I decided to share one of our holiday traditions, the Christmas drapes.

Our home is somewhat small. We also have a pack of kids with tails that can knock over a tree with one whip. On top of that, a number of our feline residents love to eat through tree light wires.

A few years back, Rachel came up with the idea of using our living room drapes as our "tree". Since then we've happily put up ornaments, plush toys, beanies, holiday cards and more. Not only does it offer us a chance to show off some of Rachel's amazing Scooby Doo collection, it also showcases kangaroos, Disney characters, fast food restaurant toys, family photos and more.

I don't know if it would pass must with the "Fab Five", but it keeps the spirit alive in our home and helps the holidays hang.

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