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Since the beginning of my site, I have tried a variety of "regular" additions. In my mind, nothing is worse than someone who builds as site and then never freshens or revises it. It was my hope that I could be like some bloggers who add daily comments on whatever topic suited them. Sadly, time has been a constant enemy to regular comments. Below are my various attempts to keep a dialogue going.

Frames of Time - This was my most elaborate attempt. I felt using photos from my album would spur me to write about the people and places I have encountered. From 2004 through 2006, "Frames of Time" featured memories from times past including my days at Disneyland, working in animation, celebrities (from Ray Bradbury to the Three Stooges to Grim Natwick and others), events, travels, family, Great Danes and more.
Barks - This was an attempt to maintain a little communication via a journal style column that discussed more current events in my surroundings. They began in 2004 and eventually turned into a section where I simply commented on topics that interested me from politics to work to social issues and such. Barks continued through 2007. In 2008, feeling more like a work mule than a canine, this section was renamed Just Kickin' and is currently seen near the top of the main page.
Disneyland - As a regular visitor to Walt's original Magic Kingdom, I thought I could start building a small advisory site that mixed commentary with history. This small attempt offered my thoughts about what to do, and what not to do at the Disneyland Resort.
Dog Show Daddy - Taken from my times of attending dog shows with my wife and kids. Another small diversion about the folks and activities at shows.
You Just Don't Understand - Through my life I have been a member of a number of APAs - Amateur Press Associations. In the days before websites and blogging, APA's were a way folks of similar interest kept together. Each member would write a section, copy that section and then mail all the copies of the section to an editor. That editor would then compile the sections into one magazine and mail it back to all the members. Most are very low print runs - usually around 15-25. These writings were my final contributions to a private animation "apa" written and read by other prominent people in the animation industry.
Before Bed - A very short lived attempt at putting together some thoughts just before bed. As I am generally not a night person, this did not last long.
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