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I never gave much thought to costume characters in my youth, though I had seen plenty growing up. It wasn't until I began working as one at Disneyland that my entire perspective changed. Not only did I gain a large dose of respect for those that do it for a living, I also became more critical of the design of the suit and performance of the suiter. This has led me to try to snap pictures of suits whenever possible, whether it be at a county fair, an amusement park, a trade show, or a fan convention. Click on a picture to see the full photo. Some entries have multiple photos. For pictures of me in suit, click here.

NOTE: This is an evolving gallery. The newest additions are first in line.
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Eeyore Winnie the Pooh Wallace Gromit Goofy Jack Skellington Sally Nesquick Rabbit Bob the Builder Tigger Scooby Dum Bullseye Woody Dora Mayor Yummi Bear Alvin Simon Theodore Daffy Duck Curious George Spongebob Sid Ruff Wally Koda Blue Buffalo Chip Br'er Fox Costume Tyson Chicken Trix Rabbit Mr. Peanut Horses Raggs Pido Razzle B.Maxx Trilby Boog Elliot Meg Campbells Soup Meeko Goldfish Bernard Gideon Mr. Smee Disney's White Rabbit Mr Easter Bunny Mrs Easter Bunny Robin Hood Snagglepuss Scooby Doo Quick Draw McGraw Fremont & Purrsilla Jingle Bear Pluto Fremont & Purrsilla Devon & Cornwall King Kong Buford Beaver San Diego Zoo Charlie B Barken Snoopy Woody Woodpecker Sara Rafael Bevo the Fox Pikachu Ugly Dolls Black Cat Gloomy Bear Tony the Tiger Astroboy Costume Felix the Cat Costume Cucumber Costume Winston Wolf Costume Top Cat Costume Bugs Bunny Costume Popeye Costume Pink Panther Costume Captain Planet Costume Cat in the Hat Costume Garfield Costume Tazmanian Devil Costume Batman Costume Lion Costume Clifford Big Red Dog Costume Elmo Costume Heathcliff Costume Fievel Costume

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